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OnlineStore > 14062 > Orba Sinhan, Mercenaries Warlord
14062: Orba Sinhan, Mercenaries Warlord ($6.49)
Tim Prow

The Warlord of Port Gangrel, Orba is a battle-scarred veteran of many conflicts. He is one of the Ghanoths, the human barbarians of the Monglash Steppes who were driven into the borderlands of Taltos by the Reven over a century ago. For many years, Orba served as a mercenary and advisor to several local Warlords before finally amassing his own army and wresting control of Port Gangrel in a bloody coup. Callous, calculating, and wickedly sadistic, Sinhan is nonetheless admired by his Soldiers, who see him as a charismatic warrior-king who prefers to lead by example. In battle, Orba is a terrible and awesome Model, his massive Ghanoth scimitar weaving an arc of death all around him. The sword's blade is ancient and possibly enchanted: he has been known to split bull orcs and river trolls from crown to crotch with the slightest of effort.

Found in: Warlord, Mercenary

Tags: Male, Human, Sword, Cloak, Leather, Plate, Melee, Adult, Mercenary, Warlord, Fighter, Barbarian, Helm, Cape, Officer, Leader

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