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OnlineStore > 14018 > Arnise, Elven Sergeant
14018: Arnise, Elven Sergeant ($5.99)
Werner Klocke

As one of the half-elven known as the Deathseekers, all foes of Almirithil fear Arnise. As the great axe-and-pata wielding Sergeant of Almirithil's frenzied berserkers, even her allies fear her. With her Deathseeker comrades, Arnise has honed her skills single-mindedly, focusing her life on one glorious, fatal moment. Only through a life of valor and a hero's death can she hope to regain the favor of the elven gods. Only through sacrifice can she hope to rise above her half-elf existence, and be reborn as a true elf. Until that beautified moment arrives, she will stack the deck of the gods' favor with the blood of Almirithil's enemies

Released on 06-30-02

Found in: Warlord, Elves

Tags: Female, Elf, Axe, Dagger, Leather, Plate, Melee, Breastplate, Ranger, Fighter, Barbarian, Ranger, Sergeant, Elves, Adult, Punching Dagger, Braid, Klockenbooty, Dual Wield, Punch Dagger

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