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ReaperCon Goodies Now Available!
Posted on 09-13-18

If you couldn't make it to ReaperCon 2018 this year, have no fear! We just added lots of new things to our webstore!

New Dark Heaven models!

03804: Rhaegar, Male Fighter by Kev White ($6.99) [+1]
03905: Dark Dwarf Cleaver by Bobby Jackson ($7.79) [+1]
03906: Battleguard Golem Magus by Chris Lewis ($8.29) [+1]
03907: Celestial Stag by Jason Wiebe ($18.79) [+1]
03908: Rockmaw Whelp by Julie Guthrie ($9.99) [+1]
03909: Toruk, Hellborn Barbarian by Tre Manor ($8.49) [+1]

ReaperCon Stuff!

01622: ReaperCon Sophie 2018 by Bob Ridolfi ($19.99) [+1]
01625: ReaperCon 2018 Mouslings: Mad Mozz and Wildchild by Gene Van Horne ($8.49) [+1]
01626: ReaperCon 2018: Barglemore & Camille by Bob Ridolfi ($11.29) [+1]

A new Dungeon Dweller!

07015: Dungeon Dwellers: Jalarak Leadbarrels, Dwarf Brewmaster by Jason Wiebe ($8.49) [+1]

Even More New Dark Heaven Models!

03910: Dreadmere Hunter by Julie Guthrie ($9.99) [+1]
03912: Remus Raducan, Blood Wolf Castellan by Bobby Jackson ($9.29) [+1]
03913: Cailleach Deargh, River Widow by Bobby Jackson ($8.29) [+1]
03914: Tirinha Fallowheart, Maggotcrown Deathlancer by Bobby Jackson ($6.99) [+1]
03915: Thregan Helmsplitter, Duskwarden by Bobby Jackson ($8.29) [+1]

Get 'em now!

And to each and every one of you who made ReaperCon 2018 a HUGE success, we'd like to say "THANK YOU!" We shattered last year's attendance record with over 50% more attendees! Wow! We couldn't do it without you, our loyal fans and customers! See you next year at ReaperCon 2019!


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Julie Guthrie Shows You How to Sculpt a Spooky Tree!
Posted on 08-05-18

It's never too early for Halloween! If you're at ReaperCon this year, get the jump on your Halloween diorama by taking this "How to Sculpt a Spooky Tree" class with Julie Guthrie.

Here's a preview of Julie's class!

And you can still get your tickets to ReaperCon 2018 here!

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Our EU/UK website is open and shipping from the UK
Posted on 07-31-18

Hello, friends!

Just wanted to let all of our EU and UK customers know, if you select the EU or Union Jack in the currency selector in the top right of the website, you will be whisked off to our EU/UK website, now live in beta testing!

Order in your local currency, and we will ship your package from the UK. What you can expect:

Fast shipping times!

Lower shipping prices!

VAT at the point of sale!

Give it a whirl. Tell us what you think of it.

Of course, it's fine if you still want to purchase in US Dollars. But your package will ship from the US with all the import tariffs and such that entails. If you want your package to be shipped from the same side of the Atlantic as you, go and select your GBP or EUR today!

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The ReaperCon MSP Open Painting Contest Wants You!
Posted on 07-25-18

You're coming to ReaperCon, right? Great! Make sure you enter the MSP Open Painting Contest! Michael and Ron give you the lowdown on one of America's best miniatures painting contests!

Here's more on the MSP Open!

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Dungeon Dweller Orc Emerges from the Dungeon!
Posted on 06-30-18

Orcs - one of the most cunning and deadly foes that adventurers can encounter in the dungeon. Our July 2018 Dungeon Dweller is this brutish Orc Warrior of the Ragged Wound Tribe! Reaper Dungeon Dwellers hearkens back to the old-school days of fantasy miniatures, but with a modern look. Reaper Dungeon Dwellers will feature both characters and monsters alike...and they'll fit into any dungeon you can find! And you can get these Reaper Dungeon Dwellers each month for FREE!

Starting July 1, 2018, you'll receive a free Reaper Dungeon Dwellers: Orc Warrior miniature for each qualifying order of $40 (in your purchasing currency - USD, GBP, Euro, AUD) or more placed right here on www.reapermini.com! And what's more, for each $40 you spend, you'll receive an additional Reaper Dungeon Dwellers: Orc Warrior miniature - $80 for two, $120 for 3, etc. (up to a max of 12 free figures). There's no need to place multiple orders on the same day! The FREE Reaper Dungeon Dwellers: Orc Warrior is automatically added to your cart when you hit $40...you don't have to to anything else. Or, if you prefer, you can just purchase him directly here.

(Sculpted by Bobby Jackson; studio model painted by Ian Markon)

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