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10019: Diabolus the Devil Dragon ($59.99)
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Sandra Garrity

It is said that in the time of the Skoli Conquest of the Old Age, the Skoli Warlord K'Tanga made a pact with a clan of fearsome dragons that held sway over the plains of Erule. With this pact, the Skoli allied themselves with the dragons, and together they crushed the people of Adon beneath their heels. Now, centuries after the fall of the Skoli Empire, the dragons have once again been seen prowling the Plains of Erule and the ruined Besiac Wastes. Largest and most bloodthirsty of these dragons is their king, known to mankind Diabolus, the Devil Dragon.

Wake up your miniatures collection with Diabolus! This awesome dragon miniature will give you hours of enjoyment even after you've finished painting it. With a ton of animation, Diabolus stands out from the crowd of other dragons! Sculpted by the talented Sandra Garrity, Diabolus stands approximately 12" tall and has a wingspan of 12" as well. Diabolus is easy to assemble with only eight pieces.

Released on 06-25-07

Found in: Boxed Sets

Tags: Fire, Monster, Wings, Drake, Wyrm

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