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Miniatures > Sword > Pirates of the Dragonspine Sea
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10011: Pirates of the Dragonspine Sea ($29.99)
14 in stock
Sandra Garrity, Bob Olley

Found in: Boxed Sets

Tags: Mook, Chest, Treasure, Female, Male, Human, Sword, Cloak, Cloth, Clothing, Peg Leg, Yarr, Boxed Set, Minion

The Boneyard
parts included with this package can be purchased separately
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03130: Isabella Florentina $4.99
03131: Eric Swiftblade, Swashbuckler $4.99
03144: Captain Wilmont Silver $5.49
03152: Peg Leg Pete, Pirate Cook $4.99
03164: Captain Hook $4.99
03176: Blackbeard, Pirate $4.99
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