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09971: Master Series Paints Bonesylvania Colors ($39.99)

This Special Edition 18 piece Bonesylvanian Color Set from ReaperCon 2016 contains the creepiest colors you need bring your Bonesylvanians to life! Perfect for both new and veteran miniatures painters!
This set comes in a plastic case with a foam insert and includes the following MSP Core Colors, HD, and Bones paint colors: 09086 Stone Grey, 09134 Clotted Blood, 09148 Ghoul Skin, 09149 Moldy Skin, 09271 Dirty Bone, 09272 Graveyard Bone, 09273 Splintered Bone
09275 Vampiric Skin, 09279 Fresh Blood
09280 Nightmare Black, 09281 Brains Pink, 09282 Maggot White, 09407 Lantern Yellow, 09408 Candlelight Yellow, 09414 Cat's Eye Green, 09416 Spectral Glow, 29810 Mossy Green, 29841 Witchcraft Purple

Released on 11-11-16

We include this picture for the sake of historical accuracy.
This figure is no longer produced and is not available from us at all.

Found in: Master Series Paints

Tags: Stone Grey, Clotted Blood, Ghoul Skin, Moldy Skin, Dirty Bone, Graveyard Bone, Splintered Bone, Vampiric Skin, Fresh Blood, Nightmare Black, Brains Pink, Maggot White, Lantern Yellow, Candlelight Yellow, Catseye Green, Spectral Glow, Mossy Green, Witchcraft Purple
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