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Miniatures > Melee > Khamsin Lancer, Nefsokar Adept
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14253: Khamsin Lancer, Nefsokar Adept ($12.99)
4 in stock
Gene Van Horne, Sandra Garrity

Lancers are the striking hammer of the Khamsin mounted forces. They wear light armor and carry several spears and lances for repeated strikes against enemy forces. Speed is their best defense and the lancers make an art of striking hard and disengaging for multiple passes against slower foes.

Lancers are drawn from the same stock as the Raiders, and in fact, many lancers and Raiders adapt well to either role depending on their currently equipped armor and weapons. Lancers are a more specialized force, however, and while quite competent they are not reliable in a sustained melee, especially against heavily armed opponents. However, opponents with light arms or armor (especially archers) can be engaged safely in an extended battle.

Dust Devil lancers elevate the hit-and-fade tactic to an artform, often striking and disengaging in one smooth motion. What few enemies remain after a Dust Devil lancer strike are run down and skewered without remorse.

Released on 02-13-06

Found in: Warlord, Nefsokar

Tags: Male, Human, Polearm, Cloth, Clothing, Melee, Adult, Nefsokar, Adept, Paladin, Fighter, Lance, Mounted, Horse, Dervish, Cavalry, Persian, Middle Eastern, Egyptian

The Boneyard
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