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Miniatures > Male > Space Mouslings: Terror on Planet X
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01517: Space Mouslings: Terror on Planet X
Gene Van Horne

Get your 1950's retro sci-fi on with this Boxed Set of Space Mouslings. This set contains three mouslings and the evil monster from Planet X!

Mouslings painted by Michael Proctor, and aided by Rhonda "Don't forget about me" Bender and Alison "Hey, I helped too!" Scheirman

(The set you purchase comes unpainted.)

Released on 10-20-11

We include this picture for the sake of historical accuracy.
This figure is no longer produced and is not available from us at all.

Found in: Special Edition Figures

Tags: Female, Male, Pistol, Ranged, Sci-fi, Mouselings, Mouseling, Mousling, Alien, Spacesuit
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