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Miniatures > Male > Leisynn, Mercenaries Mage
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14060: Leisynn, Mercenaries Mage ($5.49)
Tim Prow

Leisynn "The Twisted" considers himself a scholar first and foremost. He is passionate about his research in the dark arts, and revels in the opportunity to implement his theories in a real-world setting. More than once, he has been compared to a young, brilliant wizard from Craclaw named Ashkrypt. Leisynn's genius commands a lofty fee, but most employers gladly fund his studies.

Released on 04-30-03

Found in: Warlord, Mercenary

Tags: Male, Human, Book, Staff, Cloth, Hat, Helmet, Robe, Caster, Adult, Old, Wizard, Mage, Druid, Magic-user, Mercenary, Horns, Skull, Beard, Snake
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