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14004: Ymrilix, Overlords Hero ($6.79)
9 in stock
Werner Klocke

Black as night is the soul of this mysterious warrior. Though many have tried to discern the origins of this strange knight, none have been successful. A decade ago he rode into Craclaw, offering his services to the Overlords in their struggles against the Crusaders. Since that time he has ridden out with the Overlords, clashing wit the Crusaders with a hatred that has shocked even the most black hearted of commanders. His lust for the destruction of the Templar order has lead many to believe that he had a hand in the fall of Dennelspire to the Darkspawn, a rumor which he neither encourages or denies. The heads and shields of Crusaders who have fallen beneath the dark knight's sword hang from the ramparts of his keep outside of Craclaw. The keep, a gift of the late Lord Dentaun, is a formidable fortress, and serves as an outpost to the city which any attacking army must first pass, should it hope to attack. Any army that dares to challenge the keep should be warned that more dwells within the walls than the fearsome Ymrilix.

Released on 05-31-02

Found in: Warlord, Overlords

Tags: Male, Human, Sword, Plate, Shield, Melee, Adult, Overlords, Hero, Fighter, Anti-paladin, Helm

The Boneyard
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P14004A: Ymrilix: body $4.40
P14004B: Ymrilix: arm & shield $4.09
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