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Miniatures > Farmer > The Village of Kullhaven: Townsfolk I
10029: The Village of Kullhaven: Townsfolk I ($29.99)
0 in stock
Bobby Jackson

Released on 09-07-09

Found in: Boxed Sets

Tags: Children, Mother, Farmer, Female, Clothing, Human, Male, Townsfolk, Villagers, Peasants, Maiden, Barman, Barkeep, Tavern Workers, Serving Girl, Maid, Blacksmith, Box Set, Wench

The Boneyard
parts included with this package can be purchased separately
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P02583A: Townsfolk: inkeeper [10029 A] $6.79
P02583B: Townsfolk: wench with mugs [10029 B] $5.99
P02583C: Townsfolk: wench with tray [10029 C] $5.49
P02584A: Townsfolk: beggar [10029 D] $3.51
P02584B: Townsfolk: strumpet [10029 E] $5.29
P02584C: Townsfolk: blacksmith [10029 F] $7.52
P02825A: Mother w/ Children [10029 G] $6.06
P02825B: Grandmother [10029 H] $5.97
P02825C: Man w/ Hoe [10029 I] $4.29
P03233A: Older Kids [10029 J] $5.79
P03233B: Younger Kids [10029 K] $2.99
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