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14111: Majeda, Crusaders Sergeant ($4.99)
8 in stock
Bobby Jackson

Majeda originally hails from the south of Taltos. She was born Khamsin, but her faith in the ancient gods was sorely challenged when she first beheld the rotting Undead Kings who now lead her people. Horrified, Majedah fled to the north, and the slaughter and evil she saw everywhere sickened her almost as much as the plight of her people. She has done well since joining the Devoted, and Mother Superior Kristianna herself appointed her to Prelate. Still, the Khamsin are always in her thoughts, and she has tried to send messengers back to her tribe, begging them to leave the ranks of the Nefsokar and come to Denelspire. A few have come; many more have not, and it lies heavily upon her conscience that she does not know if it is the messengers or her people who have failed and perhaps now lie dead in the sands. But there are wounded to bandage and a hospice to help run, and most of the time Majeda is able to bury her anxiety beneath her sense of duty to the Order. Most of the time.

Released on 08-08-04

Found in: Warlord, Crusaders

Tags: Female, Human, Sword, Chain, Cloak, Plate, Melee, Adult, Crusaders, Sergeant, Ranger, Fighter, Hood, Paladin, Dual Wield
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