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Miniatures > Dragonman > Reptus Clutchling Archers (9)
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06156: Reptus Clutchling Archers (9) ($39.99)
Chaz Elliott

Life began in the world when Payanak shed his skin, and his sacred scales touched the soil like seeds or cut down life like a blade. Arrowheads are the weapon that claims direct lineage to the sacred scales of life and death of the Great Dragon and archers are the wielders of Payanak's great power.

Found in: Warlord, Reptus, Warlord Army Packs

Tags: Dragonman, Bow, Lizardman, Arrow, Reptile, Mook, Minion

The Boneyard
parts included with this package can be purchased separately
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P06156A: 14393 $6.30
P06156B: Missing Arm $4.93
P06156C: Missing Head $4.93
P06156D: Sprue $0.49
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