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Miniatures > Beast > Nhoolyan , Hunting Beast, Reven Solo
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14221: Nhoolyan , Hunting Beast, Reven Solo ($12.99)
Jeff Wilhelm

Nhoolyan, the hunting beasts of the Monglash peninsula, provide great sport for the Tomukh, as well as making great allies in battle. A Nhoolyan is led to the battlefield and jabbed with a spear, causing it to charge insanely at the first creature it sees. A wise Boghul will make sure that those would be elves or dwarves, but it has happened that the orcs have been trampled too. Still, nothing scares a human like a ton of hair and horns barreling down upon them.

Released on 10-16-05

Found in: Warlord, Reven

Tags: Monster, Hands, Melee, Wooly, Reven, Rhinoceros, Rhino
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