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14118: Urga, Reven Sergeant ($6.99)
Ben Siens

The noble beastmen under Urga's guidance have lent their axes to Varaug's cause. Barely better than goblins in the Tomukh's eyes, Urga hopes to prove that his people are capable of war and win peace for them. The constant struggles against the barbarous orcu have weakened the beastman nation, and Urga knows the only chance to survive is to help his former enemy. For the sake of his people, he will not fail.

Released on 08-08-04

Found in: Warlord, Reven

Tags: Monster, Were, Axe, Sword, Chain, Plate, Melee, Beastman, Reven, Sergeant, Fighter, Ranger, Dual Wield, Barbarian, Leader, Officer, Goat, Goatman, Ram, Sheep
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