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14026: Nakhti, Nefsokar Captain ($4.99)
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Bob Ridolfi

Nakhti is recently risen once more into Sokar's service. The son of a lesser lord, he never achieved epic feats in life, but such was never his aim. Faithful service in the Mesha Sokar is his only desire. He counts his proudest moment the inscription of his name in the Book of the Dead in the ruins of Al Adiri.

Nakhti knows his limits. He does not have a mind for grand strategies like Khufu, and he is not the whirlwind of destruction that is Khadath. His constant devotion and unswerving loyalty to Sokar are his greatest assets. Unlike many of the ever-living Nakhti cares little for the prejudices held against the Khamsin. In his mind they have atoned, and that is enough for him. If Sokar has forgiven their trespasses then who is he to reserve judgment?

Khufu recognizes a leader when he sees one. And while Nakhti may never command vast hordes, his ability to see a battle to its victorious conclusion is not to be discounted. To that end, Nakhti has been given direct responsibility in defense of the Bitterbile. Enemies of the Mesha Sokar are not permitted to pass its banks, on pain of death or worse.

Nakhti takes his appointment to be a great honor, and he, like many of the Mesha Sokar's captains of similar caliber, fully intends to see his duty done. Whatever the cost, Nakhti will make his enemies pay.

Released on 07-31-02

Found in: Warlord, Nefsokar

Tags: Male, Undead, Dagger, Sword, Helmet, Naked, Melee, Mummy, Nefsokar, Captain, Sickle, Pharaoh, Hood, Pulp
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