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06138: Anubis Guard(9) Nefsokar Grunt ($39.99)
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Jason Wiebe

Anubis ruled Hakir in its earliest days, when the world was new and the gods were still young. What few tales of his exploits exist reveal a devout man, dedicating his life and the existence of the empire solely to the greater glory of the old gods. In death, Sokar granted him an immortal form and named him the Great Jackal, overseer of Sokar's celestial realm.

Mention of the Great Jackal in Sokar's retinue is sparse. He seems confined to celestial events, rarely dealing with the mortal realm. On occasion, it is said that the Great Jackal appears before a particularly loyal and devout servant of Sokar and escorts him (or her) to the celestial realm where they are given a body of solid obsidian, crafted in the image of the Great Jackal. When in dire peril, the most pious of Sokar's faithful have found themselves protected by a pair of the jackal men who appear seemingly out of nowhere and fade back across the Great River.

The most notorious appearance of the Anubis Guard occurred during the reign of Saxannu'tep, the fabled Pharaoh of Gold. An enemy from the North threatened Ancient Hakir. They brought with them artifice and magic of unknown gods. Evidence suggests some sort of dwarven army, but the actual invading race or races were never documented. Substantiation of their plunder is detailed remarkably well, however. In seven years, the Hakiri Empire lost more than four-fifths of its lands and people to the ravening horde.

In a final act of defiance before the gates of Al Adiri, Saxannu'tep rallied his remaining forces and dedicated the battle and coming dead to Sokar. As he charged, he cried out to Sokar for His judgment. Judgment was rendered, and thousands of Anubis Guard materialized around the enemy host. The Great Jackal himself is said to have led them into the fray.

A final accounting of the battle is not available, but the fact that ancient Hakir survived and the invaders apparently did not is proof enough of the outcome.

Found in: Warlord, Nefsokar, Warlord Army Packs

Tags: Sword, Nefsokar, Fighter, Golem, Statue, Jackal

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