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14030: Vasyl, Rageclaw Alpha ($15.99)
4 in stock
Werner Klocke

The land of Taltos is one of few in which the wandering people known as Koborlas can travel freely. Some of their warriors, possessed of innate shapeshifting ability, take to the field of battle as hybrid human/wolf juggernauts called Lupines. One such Lupine, the mighty Lord Vasyl, is notorious throughout Taltos for his bold tactics, iron-fisted command of his troops, and ability to cleave even ogres in twain with a single blow from his heavy-bladed qasik sword. The sound of a blast from his mighty signal-horn, Doomcrier, is said to crush the very bones of his enemies.

Released on 08-31-02

Found in: Warlord, Koborlas

Tags: Male, Lupine, Were, Sword, Scale, Melee, Werewolf, Adult, Banded, Warlord, Horn, Were, Fighter, Barbarian

The Boneyard
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P14030A: Lupine Body $15.79
P14030B: Lupine Arm $3.41
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