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14195: Kiakara, Reven Warlord ($4.99)
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Ben Siens

Kiakara had been strong, and had slain fourteen of Drigh's best warriors before he had had fallen upon her; she resisted him, and fought him to a stalemate. His pride injured, Drigh decided to reclaim his honor by making Kiakara his wife. It would have ended there, if Kiakara did not lust for power so.

Not content to be the third wife of a minor Khan in the honorless lands by the Ogere borders, Kiakara began to plot with her gorulukh servant, Kak-Urgh. Kak-Urgh knew the ways of the Ogere, and he swore to help her wrest the clan from the stupid, if strong Drigh in exchange for his own concubines and land. Kiakara agreed, and the two escaped from Drigh's lands and entered deep into Ogere territory.

For months, Kiakara and Kak-Urgh wandered, fighting and bribing the native Ogere and Noghra for anything they thought they could use. From the wandering beastmen she learned the ways of magic, quickly demonstrating an aptitude for turning nature to her will. From the Ogere she learned to fight hordes of men, honing her skills like a knife.

Using the skills and power she had learned from the Ogere, she negotiated a Reven of her own - the Ogere and Noghra would follow her into battle in exchange for more lands. A few clans followed her north and they easily took Drigh's clan. Kiakara slaughtered Drigh's concubines and other wives, fearing that they might plot against her.

As she promised, she made Kak-Urgh Khan of the lands taken from Drigh, and she led her Ogere warband north to face stronger foes. She cut a bloody swath through the Monglash, leaving some conquered orcu alive, butchering the rest. Each tribe she subjugated surrendered their lands to one of the Ogere nokhans or boghuls, and the survivors of these tribes bolstered her numbers.

In a daring move, Kiakara declared herself Khakagh, or Queen of Chiefs, demanding tribute from all the Khans she had defeated or given power to. Only a few balked, and she quickly removed them from power, replacing them with those loyal to her. She slowly began to expand her empire further, with tribute from the Khans that had pledged fealty and a still large number of loyal Ogere and Noghra.

In time, she was courted by Varaug, for his empire was the only nation among the Sula Ulus which was larger than her own. Refusing to unite their nations in marriage, Kiakara pledged to lend her strength to his Reven, seeing the chance to increase her holdings with half of Taltos. By offering to lead her considerable nation across the Cryptbarrow Hills and scissoring into the south of the human lands, she hopes to convince Varaug to take his army north into Dartha and leave Taltos to her and her people to control.

Her khans are readying upon the plains, and her most trusted leader, Kak-Urgh, has already taken troops into Taltos to weaken its defenses. Kak-Urgh and her Ogere generals are prepared at Kiakara's order to strike at Varaug's forces if he will not give them their share of Taltos. Kiakara has sworn that if his heart is false, she will be the one to tear it from his chest and wear it as a trophy.

Found in: Warlord, Reven

Tags: Female, Orc, Axe, Plate, Melee, Barbarian, Fighter, Warlord, Reven, Adult
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