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14063: Varaug, Reven Warlord ($8.99)
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Ben Siens

Varaug, the Great Khakhan
Varaug's tribe had lived in Taltos for three generations. There was enough food and the Tomb of the Hakiri king provided refuge and gold for anything else they might need.
Occasionally some of the tribe's Half-Orcs would bargain in the nearby market, trading the treasure of the tomb for food or weapons. In return, the tribe defended the southern border of the village and the market, although the locals had little knowledge of these events. The wealth and prestige of the tribe grew, and this arrangement seemed to work well. During one of these bargaining trips, some local bandits noticed the half-orcs wealth and decided to track them to find the source.

Varaug, a minor Boghul in the settlement's guard, fought the invaders and was part of the few survivors to escape. Varaug and Gaaguk were outraged, and they hunted down the bandits once the dead were buried. They found the brigands inside the Taltain village the orc fort had defended against the Hakiri and worse.

In fact the Taltain were honoring these bandits, rewarding them as heroes that had defeated a clan of Barbaric orcs. Varaug and Gaaguk attacked, screaming vengeance. In less than an hour everyone in the village was dead, save one boy. Varaug told the boy to tell everyone that the orcs had protected this village, and that the village had betrayed them. Varaug would personally see the village razed, and Taltos brought to its knees.

Taking up the ritual axe of his clan's Khan, Varaug crossed the Cryptbarrow hills, his heart raging against the traitorous humans. He crossed the Monglash Steppe and asked or forced every khan and boghul to bloody their axes alongside his. The hatred and betrayal he felt was so great that he did not stop until every leader of every tribe had pledged their best warriors. In time, the Shamans tested his worthiness with quests to determine if he was worthy to wield the Axe of the Khakhan. He was.

The Akhpakh Khoolahylan has begun to assemble. The tribes nearest Taltos have sent warriors across already, and those across the plains are marching onward. Varaug himself has led the charge, and he has brought down every Taltain with whom he has come into contact. Soon he will meet up with the armies across the Ash mountains, and Taltos will belong to the orcs.

Found in: Warlord, Reven

Tags: Male, Monster, Orc, Axe, Dagger, Plate, Melee, Adult, Reven, Warlord, Armor, Tusks, Fighter, Barbarian

The Boneyard
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