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Miniatures > Warlord > Reven > Dantral, Half Orc, Reven Captain
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14270: Dantral, Half Orc, Reven Captain ($4.99)
Gene Van Horne

Beaten and brutalized as a young man growing up in Taltos, Dantral journeyed to the Monglash Steppes to be with warriors who would respect him. After proving the strength of his orc blood, Dantral rapidly showed his adeptness at leading even foolish Noghra into battle, and his tactical cunning and strength brought great honor to him. Dantral now leads his forces on a campaign through Taltos to seize farmland and resources for the coming Reven. He takes little pleasure in punishing the Taltain though, and Kiakara has begun to fear that his human blood may be stronger than was thought.

Released on 04-30-06

Found in: Warlord, Reven

Tags: Male, Orc, Dagger, Sword, Leather, Naked, Plate, Melee, Fighter, Barbarian, Adult, Half-orc, Ranger, Dual Wield, Leader, Officer
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