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Miniatures > Warlord > Reptus > Nai-Khanon, Reptus Hero
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14235: Nai-Khanon, Reptus Hero ($10.99)
Chaz Elliott

Nai-Khanon is the greatest Pit Fighter in the current generation. It is said that he was hatched from a Blood Clutch but left the ranks of the warriors to make his fortune in the gutters of Sa-Tahn, the capital city. Nai-Khanon hopes to carve an empire for himself and the other Pit Fighters outside of the Great Swamp. He grows weary of the religious life and the cloistered nature of his homeland. He wants to see the outside world, and longs to crush it with his will.

Released on 11-06-05

Found in: Warlord, Reptus

Tags: Male, Dragonman, Reptus, Sword, Melee, Armor, Reptile, Warrior, Fighter, Lizardman, Ranger, Dual Wield
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