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14286: Rogran, Overlords Hero ($4.99)
Bobby Jackson

Rogran Uthresect first appeared half a dozen years ago. What drew him to Craclaw and where he came from, no one is certain, but upon his arrival he immediately began to challenge local warriors of renown to make a name for himself. His prowess drew the attention of all the Overlords, but it is Ashkrypt who won the bidding for his services. What Ashkrypt offered Rogran in return for his services, no one is sure. Rumors are, the reward was of a dark and evil nature which only the Lich could provide. Uthresect inspires the men with whom he serves to greater exhibitions of courage and to die with honor for him and his liege. Rumor has it that Rogran worships a god of war from his mysterious homeland, and stories of the bloody rituals he practices upon the bodies of those he slays in battle have already begun to filter through Craclaw. Though these stories suffer from embellishment after numerous telling, Rogran has encouraged their telling to increase his reputation and strike fear into both his enemies and his supposed allies.

Released on 05-28-06

Found in: Warlord, Overlords

Tags: Male, Human, Axe, Plate, Melee, Adult, Overlords, Anti-paladin, Fighter, Barbarian
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