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14256: Sphinx, Nefsokar Monster ($27.49)
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Gene Van Horne

The sphinx is a secretive creature from the very legends of ancient Hakir. It is said that the sphinx taught the first Hakirans the use of tools, the construction of boats, and agriculture. It is also believed that the sphinx slew the False Pharaoh, destroyed the ancient city of Var, and brought drought to the province of Disiri for ten generations.

The sphinx appears and disappears throughout the history of Hakir and Jalahandra, sometimes the harbinger of fortune and knowledge, sometimes a destroyer without purpose or reason. It is not even known if the sphinx is a singular creature or one of a race of such beasts. Even the gods do not speak of the sphinx except in the singular.

For now, it seems the sphinx has come once more to the mortal world in the service of the Mesha Sokar. Whether this represents some arrangement between Sokar and the sphinx or whether the sphinx acts of its own accord, none can say. Regardless the sudden appearance of the sphinx on the eve of battle is lately heralded as excellent fortune, for the beast is unstoppable in battle and offers insightful advice on tactics and the disposition of enemy forces.

Released on 02-19-06

Found in: Warlord, Nefsokar

Tags: Monster, Hands, Hat, Naked, Melee, Sphinx, Nefsokar, Pharaoh, Egyptian

The Boneyard
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P14256B: Front Leg $1.12
P14256C: Left Wing $7.07
P14256D: Right Wing $7.50
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