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14247: Ammat, Nefsokar Captain ($10.49)
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Tim Prow

The tale of Ammat brings tears and terror to the hearts of the Khamsin. The name 'Ammat' is all that remains of one of the greatest Empresses of ancient Hakir, for her tomb was among the first opened and defiled. The raiders were not content to simply take their gold and go, however; they also opened the sarcophagus and set fire to the resting body.

Ammat's kaht and ba wandered powerless for many decades across Taltos until the waking of Sokar. Sokar himself found the wretched spirit that had haunted the periphery of civilization. He guided her to the recently risen Netikerti and bade her give Ammat a new form.

Netikerti sensed in the maddened spirit a hunger that brought a shudder to even her dusty old bones. She had encountered such a raging appetite once before and fashioned Ammat a new body in the likeness of the Great Crocodile, which consumes the soul of a sinner should their heart outweigh a feather in Sokar's final judgment.

With her body restored, at least in part, Ammat's soul found some rest and regained a semblance of its former sanity. However, gone is the great Empress of Hakir. All that remains is a ravening spirit embodied in stone that hungers for the flesh of the living.

Released on 01-16-06

Found in: Warlord, Nefsokar

Tags: Female, Monster, Were, Sword, Cloth, Leather, Melee, Golem, Egyptian, Nefsokar, Captain, Fighter, Weregator, Adult, Cleric, Breastplate

The Boneyard
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