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14102: Walking Avatar, Nefsokar Monster ($7.99)
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Julie Guthrie

Once thought to be gods incarnate the Avatars are actually aspects of Sokar Himself and His servants. The Great Ibis, the Great Crocodile, and the Great Jackal are but a few of Sokar's faithful servants, each fulfilling a role in the maintenance of the universe and in direct service to Sokar as god of Death.

When seen on the battlefield, the Avatars are imbued with an aspect of the divine being they represent and are animated by the smallest portion of that being's ka, the animating force of the soul. As such, the Avatars contain immense power.

Among the more common avatars are those of Sekhmet, the Great Lioness. The first empress of Hakir, Sekhmet's full tale is lost to time, but many subsequent legends and proverbs refer to her wisdom and fairness in equal part with her justified wrath. In Sokar's service, she is the dealer of death and the patron of healing, as Sokar desires and according to His laws.

Avatars can take the form of any of Sokar's servants. Of late, the Great Jackal and Great Ibis have come to the aid of the Mesha Sokar at the behest of several powerful warlords. On rarest occasion, an Avatar might be seen fighting for mercenaries, although how this is possible remains a mystery. Sokar's servants might send an Avatar to aid a mercenary in a particular battle if the opponents are tomb raiders or have committed other such heinous crimes against Sokar. It is also possible that powerful magicians might have discovered heretofore unknown means of luring the ka of a great servant into an Avatar, although this is not likely. Only the artificers of ancient Hakir knew the secrets of the war golems, and the arcane prowess of the Avatars goes beyond even those exalted skills.

Avatars can take the form of any of Sokar's servants, but the falcon-headed avatar is reserved for Sokar Himself.

Released on 07-13-04

Found in: Warlord, Nefsokar

Tags: Female, Monster, Were, Polearm, Staff, Naked, Melee, Adult, Werelioness, Nefsokar, Golem, Fighter, Pharaoh, Hood

The Boneyard
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