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Miniatures > Master Series Miniatures > US Army Serviceman (54mm)
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30003: US Army Serviceman (54mm) ($19.99)
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James van Schaik

US Army Serviceman is a 54mm scale miniature cast in white metal. Some assembly required.

Released on 12-11-06

Found in: Master Series Miniatures

Tags: 54mm, Signpost, M-16, Desert Fatigues, Helmet, Rifle, Human, Male, Utility Belt, Lbe, Kevlar Helmet, Military, Soldier

The Boneyard
parts included with this package can be purchased separately
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P30003A: Body $15.38
P30003B: Rifle $0.74
P30003C: Base $5.64
P30003D: Sign post $3.23
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