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Miniatures > Warlord > Elves > Vale Swordsmen (9) Elven Grunt
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06120: Vale Swordsmen (9) Elven Grunt ($39.99)
Werner Klocke

Many elves disdain heavy armor in favor of speed and mobility. Others eschew even shields, preferring to pursue a more aggressive role on the battlefield. These elves wield formidable greataxes or two-handed longswords. At the vanguard of the assault, they use their added offensive might to devastating effect, carving a foothold for their cohorts in the ranks of the enemy. It is a dangerous role they play, but the fetid stench of fear is easily blown away on the winds of glory.

Released on 04-01-07

Found in: Warlord, Elves, Warlord Army Packs

Tags: Female, Male, Elf, Dagger, Sword, Leather, Fighter, Armor, Two-handed, 2h, Elves, Swordsman, Breaker, Mook, Minion
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