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10018: Verocithrax ($89.99)
3 in stock
Werner Klocke

Summoned from the shadowy pits of the netherworld, Verocithrax glided through the ethereal gloom of the Rift. Some foolish mage had discovered his true name and summoned him to Adon; it was an insult that the Abyssal Dragon could not -- would not -- overlook. Shadowfire violently blazed from Verocithrax' nostrils; he would soon not only devour his erstwhile conjuror's body, but his soul as well.

If you're looking for a dragon that is out of the ordinary, then Verocithrax is for you! Verocithrax is a dragon summoned from the netherworld, a creature of nightmares! Crafted by fan favorite sculptor Werner Klocke, this fantastic dragon stands approximately 9 ½" tall and has an impressive wingspan of 12". Verocithrax comes in 10 easy to assemble pieces.

Found in: Boxed Sets

Tags: Wings, Dragon, Monster
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