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10012: Kaladrax ($69.99)
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Jim Johnson

In the heart of the Drakesteeth Mountains lie the ruins of the Dragon Kings' Graveyard. Over the years, many fortune seekers have struck out in search of this prehistoric refuge, but few have returned to share their knowledge. Those who have returned speak of a dreadful sunken plain, hidden beneath a shroud of sulfurous mist and ash, surrounded by impassable snow-capped peaks and sheer cliffs. This is the domain of the undead dragon Kaladrax...

Some things refuse to die! One of the coolest undead monsters you'll ever find, Kaladrax is a must for any sadistic game master or undead army builder. Kaladrax was sculpted by Jim Johnson and stands approximately 8 ½" tall and his skeletal wingspan reaches 12 ½". This skeletal dragon comes in 11 easy to assemble pieces.

Found in: Boxed Sets

Tags: Monster, Undead, Dracolich, Dragon, Skeleton
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