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Miniatures > Boxed Sets > Blight Fang, Green Dragon
10017: Blight Fang, Green Dragon ($89.99)
2 in stock
Sandra Garrity

In southern Heimdall, nestled between the Drakesteeth Mountains and the border of Heimdall lies the Webwood Forest. The giant spiders haunt this forest hold sway over most of these dark woods, but its western portion is home to the dragon known to the Heimdallers as "The Green Death" and to the Rittermen as Blightfang. This deceitful and wicked dragon has slain numerous adventurers and soldiers over the years, and his lair is undoubtedly filled with piles of treasures from across Adon. Unfortunately, Blightfang's lair is well hidden, and no one has ever found its location.

Crafted by the legendary Sandra Garrity, Blightfang stands approximately 6 ½" tall, a wingspan of 8 ½", and an overall length of 13" from nose to tail! Blightfang is easy to assemble with only ten pieces.

Released on 07-10-06

Found in: Boxed Sets

Tags: Monster, Dragon, Blightfang, Wings
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