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Dark Heaven Bones
Bones: Dark Heaven Legends
The prices of yesterday. The quality of today!

Amazing Detail. Amazing Price.

Twenty years ago, you could go into a gaming store with a couple of bills and come out with a handful of minis. Not so much today. But today's quality is far superior to those figures of the past. Reaper's Bones meet that sweet spot where low price intersects with incredible detail. All the fiddly bits you love to paint are there at prices that will astound you.
Bones Characters
Purple Worm: Before and After

Ready to Paint

Out of the box, these incredible figures take paint without priming. Our Master Series Paints cover these models perfectly right out of the bottle, and the paint sticks -- standing up to most sorts of tabletop abuse your friday night group would be able to dish out. Check out the selection of paint we have to offer by clicking on the paint bottles below!
Engineered for Master Series Paint

Perfect for Hobbyists and Gamers

Need to reposition an arm? You have your eye on one of the shields in our conversion packs? Grab some snips and modeling glue and go nuts. Bones' polymer material reacts beautifully with cyanoacrylate adhesives. Conversions and weapon swaps take about as long as your glue takes to dry.
Paint Inset

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00774.jpg00774: Bones 3 Introductory Assortment Package ($775.00)
0 in stock
00996.jpg00996: Reaper Bones Super Glue 8 Pack Display Carton ($63.92)
00995_w_1.jpg00995: Reaper Bones Super Glue ($7.99)
77093_w_1.jpg77093: Drago Voss, Male Assassin ($2.49)
Bobby Jackson
09966_revised.jpg09966: Reaper Master Series Bones Paint Complete Set ($184.99)
6 in stock
03758_p_1_ks.jpg03758: Skeleton Breakers (2) ($6.99)
Bob Ridolfi
03757_p_1_ks.jpg03757: Skeleton Spearmen (2) ($6.99)
Bob Ridolfi
03756_p_1_ks.jpg03756: Skeleton Swordsmen ($6.99)
Bob Ridolfi
03755_p_1_ks.jpg03755: Skeleton Archers (2) ($6.99)
Bob Ridolfi
77277_w_1.jpg77277: Mab Grindylow ($2.79)
Bob Ridolfi
62109_w_2.jpg62109: Numenera: Raster ($3.99)
62110_w_1.jpg62110: Numenera: Ithsyn ($3.79)
62111_w_1.jpg62111: Numenera: Erynth Grask ($3.79)
62112_w_1.jpg62112: Numenera: Ravage Bear ($3.99)
77372_w_1.jpg77372: Burrowing Horror ($5.29)
Jason Wiebe
77383_w_1.jpg77383: Barden Barrelstrap, Dwarf Cleric ($2.79)
Jason Wiebe
77384_w_1.jpg77384: Arathanel, Elf Ranger ($2.79)
Werner Klocke
77385_w_1.jpg77385: Sir Rathan Kranzhel, Human Fighter ($2.79)
Bobby Jackson
77386_w_1.jpg77386: Andriessa, Female Wizard ($2.79)
Bob Ridolfi
77387_w_1.jpg77387: Lanelle, Half-elf Rogue ($2.79)
Gene Van Horne
77398_w_1.jpg77398: Dungeon Decor: Stalagmites ($9.99)
Andy Pieper
80045_w_1.jpg80045: Gray Alien Scientist Sprue ($2.49)
Bob Ridolfi
80046_w_1.jpg80046: Gray Alien Warriors ($2.49)
Bob Ridolfi
80047_w_1.jpg80047: Gray Alien Leaders ($2.49)
Bob Ridolfi
89033_w_1.jpg89033: The Horned Hunter ($2.99)
Bobby Jackson
77110_w_1.jpg77110: Deathsleet ($19.99)
Sandra Garrity
77327_w_1.jpg77327: Hell Cat ($2.99)
Kevin Williams
89017_w_1.jpg89017: Imrijka, Iconic Inquisitor ($2.99)
Bob Ridolfi
89018_w_1.jpg89018: Sajan, Iconic Monk ($2.99)
Gene Van Horne
89019_w_1.jpg89019: Nakayama Hayato, Iconic Samurai ($2.99)
Bobby Jackson
89020_w_1.jpg89020: Harsk, Iconic Dwarf Ranger ($2.99)
Todd Harris
89021_w_1.jpg89021: Mystic Theurge ($2.99)
Bob Ridolfi
89022_w_1.jpg89022: Alahazra, Iconic Oracle ($2.99)
Julie Guthrie
89023_w_1.jpg89023: Balazar, Iconic Summoner ($2.99)
Bobby Jackson
89024_w_1.jpg89024: Holy Vindicator ($2.99)
0 in stock
Bobby Jackson
89025_w_1.jpg89025: Alain ($2.99)
Bobby Jackson
89026_w_1.jpg89026: Eando Kline ($2.99)
Bobby Jackson
89027_w_1.jpg89027: Lini, Iconic Gnome Druid ($2.49)
Derek Schubert
89028_w_1.jpg89028: Arael, Half Elf Cleric ($2.99)
Gene Van Horne
89029_w_1.jpg89029: Hellknight Order o/t Scourge ($3.49)
Bobby Jackson
89030_w_1.jpg89030: Hellknight Order of the Nail ($2.99)
Bobby Jackson
89031_w_1.jpg89031: Whispering Tyrant ($3.49)
Bobby Jackson
89032_w_1.jpg89032: Anti Paladin ($3.29)
91001_w_1.jpg91001: Stone ($2.99)
Bob Ridolfl
91002_w_1.jpg91002: Hellstromme ($2.99)
Bob Ridolfi
91003_w_1.jpg91003: Texas Ranger Male ($2.99)
Bob Ridolfi
91004_w_1.jpg91004: Texas Ranger Female ($2.99)
Bob Ridolfi
91005_w_1.jpg91005: Undead Outlaw ($2.99)
Bob Ridolfi
91006_w_1.jpg91006: Prarie Tick Queen ($2.99)
Bob Ridolfi
91007_w_1.jpg91007: Bone Fiend ($2.99)

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