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From the fevered mind of Wayne Reynolds --
Join Echidnox and his mighty band of Woodland Friends as they defend the powerless,
right grievous wrongs, and enjoy a tasty morsel of caeke* every now and then.
Act quickly: the Legion of Justice and Caeke is available for a limited time!
01429: Shoatima, Otter Ranger ($9.99)
Jason Wiebe
Available through 09/23/11

01428: Frumitty, Lemur Cleric ($9.99)
Jason Wiebe
Available through 12/18/09

01424: Echidnox, Hedgehog Hero ($9.99)
Jason Wiebe
Platypod Concept
Available through 09/10/10

01427: Platypod, Platypus Mage ($12.79)
Jason Wiebe

Versus their Nemesis!

Pentimus, the evil fatty dragon and his chodling minions!

All profit from the sales of these miniatures will go to Child's Play.


* Don't look at me. It's how hedgehogs spell "cake".