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Inspiration Gallery
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Painted by Jim Cook Jr

02816: Thomas Hammerfist, sculpted by Sandra Garrity

11 Thumbs Up!
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Ursula Silverbraid, Female Dwarf Warrior
Painted by Blue Moon Miniatures Mike

03293: Ursula Silverbraid, Female Dwarf Warrior, sculpted by Bobby Jackson

11 Thumbs Up!
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On the Edge of Chaos
Painted by Jim Cook Jr

14093: Finari, Crusaders Hero, sculpted by Werner Klocke

11 Thumbs Up!
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Sir Bruce, Adventuring Hero
Painted by Sean Gallagher

03392: Sir Bruce, Adventuring Hero, sculpted by Bobby Jackson

10 Thumbs Up!
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I have you now!
Painted by Darren West "Monkey Tep"

14544: Ian, Ivy Crown Mage, sculpted by Bobby Jackson

8 Thumbs Up!
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Finni Nettledown, Gnome Wizard/Bard hybrid
Painted by BlueNiteDragon

03196: Petra Posiedew, Gnome Sorceress, sculpted by Sandra Garrity

6 Thumbs Up!
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Painted by Vannahs Creations

02046: Selene The Unbroken, sculpted by Sandra Garrity

5 Thumbs Up!
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Mantis Demon
Painted by Arlene Kennedy

03037: Mantis Demon, sculpted by Bob Olley

5 Thumbs Up!
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Ariseth, Chattel, Necro Adept
Painted by HayArte

14367: Ariseth, Chattel, sculpted by Stefan Niehues

4 Thumbs Up!
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