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Inspiration Gallery
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Inspiration Gallery > 09065 :: Grey Liner
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Painted by Krolik1519

50134: Racquel Blackrose, Buccaneer, sculpted by Patrick Keith

7 Thumbs Up!
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03086: Nephal Shadow Prince Demon
Painted by Blue Moon Miniatures Mike

03086: Nephal Shadow Prince Demon, sculpted by Derek Schubert

21 Thumbs Up!
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Ogre Chieftain
Painted by wartsandweaponsstudio

20014: Ogre Chieftain, sculpted by Jason Wiebe

9 Thumbs Up!
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Cazalet, Plage Priest
Painted by Brynn Tannehill

02893: Cazalet, Plague Priest, sculpted by Julie Guthrie

6 Thumbs Up!
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Painted by Vil-hatarn

24587: Mantis, sculpted by James Burrell

7 Thumbs Up!
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Painted by John Bonnot

02894: Nerea, Anti Paladin, sculpted by Bobby Jackson

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Painted by Alison Bailey

14512: Rhasia, Zombie Master, sculpted by Julie Guthrie

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Tristan, Loremistress as Jasmine
Painted by John Bonnot

03028: Tristan the Loremistress, sculpted by Dennis Mize

20 Thumbs Up!
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Painted by Lori Nelson

03096: Barros & Tempest, Paladin on Pegasus, sculpted by Sandra Garrity, Bobby Jackson

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Painted by Dave Coulson

03170: Lurien, Ghost, sculpted by Bob Ridolfi

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Painted by Anne Foerster

10024: Pirates of the Dragonspine Sea II, sculpted by Various

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Painted by Anne Foerster

14088: Thuusia, Darkspawn Mage, sculpted by Chaz Elliott

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Painted by Michael Genet

61005: Avaku, sculpted by Jim Johnson

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Painted by Derek Schubert

02709: Biff, Halfling Monk, sculpted by Sandra Garrity

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