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Bulk Orders

We've made ordering multiple products much easier for you! Enter in the SKU and then press enter on your keyboard or press the button labeled enter; the system will check to make sure everything's in order and show you the results. SKU's should be entered as four or five digit numbers in the case of regular blisters or in the seven-character bits format.

By putting an 'x' inbetween the amount you want to purchase and the SKU of the item this form will automatically add however many you want to your cart! Example: 3x03000 will get you 3 of part number 03000!

You can also add items to your cart by entering in the barcode! If you have a handheld scanner attached to your computer, all you have to do is scan a barcode to add the item to your cart. Each time you scan it will add one item. You can also manually enter in the Quantity and an 'x' then scan your barcode to avoid excessive scanning!

Uploading a CSV File

You also have the option of uploading a CSV file to make your orders; most spreadsheet programs and inventory management systems will give you the option to save a file in the CSV format. The SKU of the desired part should be followed by the quantity desired with a comma in-between, and a new line after each entry. If you choose to export a CSV from a spreadsheet program, place the SKUs in the first column and the quantities in the second. Example: 03000,3 will get you 3 of part number 03000!

Bulk Order Form
Format: QuantityxSKU

CSV File Upload
Format: SKU,Quantity