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Artists Wanted!

Reaper is always on the lookout for talented artists. We regularly have need of Concept Designers, Illustrators, Colorists, Sculptors, and Painters.

Concept Designers

There's a big difference between illustrating and designing a figure. Concept artists should have the ability to visualize a miniature in 3-D and put it into a 2-D format.

A sculptor is going to use your concept art and will need as much information as possible to fully realize the finished miniature. Be sure to show things like a back view, fun details, and notes to explain something that could be overlooked or misinterpreted.

The important thing to remember is that a great illustration might not make a great miniatures design, and vice versa.

Here's our gold standard for concept art. Note how Talin and Wayne Reynolds provide reverse views and notes on important details.

Acacia Small     14366 Small

02909 Small


We produce a number of products that require illustrations. Our Warlord Second Edition Core Rulebook is a prime example. Illustrations typically show actions scenes using our characters.

As an example, notice how Kidwell really brings the fight to life with a snarling, savage orc overwhelming a dwarf warrior, while the battle rages in the background.

ReaperOrcvsDwarf Small


We don't always need designs and drawings from scratch. We have a number of fantastic sketches that can be turned into wonderful color art by the right (talented) person.

Here is an example of a sketch by Talin that was later colorized by Sven Bybee.

Arddynn Concept
Ardynn Color


We're looking for the best sculptors here at Reaper. If you think your stuff matches up, then send us some photos of your work! Examples of Reaper sculptures in their original form may be found on our Greens page, but just in case, illustrated below is an example of what we are and aren't looking for:

Good Green
Not so Great:
Not Great

Rates for art vary and are determined on a case to case basis.


Potential Reaper Paint Crew members have several criteria to meet:

1. They already paint Reaper models. We are not interested in someone who wants to paint one model just to make it onto our website; we are interested in someone who really likes Reaper miniatures and enjoys painting them.

2. They are enthusiastic in their use of Reaper paints and products and promote our models, paints or brushes on their websites or in their classes and paint clubs, or on discussion boards in whatever venue they frequent. We request our artists to give us feedback on our products and the only way to do this is to be familiar with them.

3. They are a professional-level painter capable of producing clean, quality work. For examples of what we are currently looking for as far as quality, peruse the best models in our Showcase Gallery (or see the selected images below). Our painters vary in style, but the quality is always there.

4. They have the correct attitude. Reaper Miniatures has been around long enough to have the respect of the industry and is one of the largest miniatures companies in the world. Paint Crew members represent Reaper. Thus, we want friendly, helpful individuals who seek to inspire other painters, to improve their own skills, and who value the promotion of the hobby above their own personal agendas. We are not interested in the best painter in the world if that person can not also be polite, personable and helpful on our discussion boards and at conventions.

5. They are willing to teach, ideally excited to teach. We fly in Paint Crew members every year for ReaperCon and for our Artists' Conference and in return they are expected to instruct students in both formal classes and informal demos.

6. They must get along and fit well with the rest of the team. For this reason we encourage people who wish to join the Paint Crew to attend Reaper Con in May, to talk with and learn from our current team.

Reaper ONLY uses freelance painters at this time; we are not hiring painters for part-time or full-time positions with the company. Reaper provides special features for our Paint Crew members on our website (names in the Showcase Gallery, the new Painter Bio pages, and links to their personal websites and/or galleries on our official website).

Thank you for your interest and happy painting!

Think you have what it takes?

Think you have what it takes to work for Reaper? If so, submit your stuff to artsubmissions@reapermini.com. Please provide a link to your website (if you have one) with the submission. DO NOT mail us any physical artwork in the mail. We are only interested in scans.

We will keep your submissions on file for 6 months. If you do not hear back from us concerning your submission, give it another go in 6 months!

Due to the limited time we have available each day, we are not able to provide individual feedback on submissions. If we like what we see and have a project where we need you, rest assured we will contact you. If you don't hear from us, please resubmit every 6 months, as our needs will likely have changed by then, and we'll want to see your stuff again!