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The Artists of Reaper Miniatures

Ever since its inception Reaper Miniatures has been privileged to work with some of the finest sculptors and painters in the industry. Every year at ReaperCon and the Artists Conference many of them are brought in to teach classes, meet with fans, and share both their knowledge and their enthusiasm for the hobby. For those of you not able to attend the conventions, or for those wanting to know a bit more about their favorite artist, we have provided this page, where you can not only find out more about them but also what it takes to join their ranks. Note that this is not an exhaustive list of everyone that has ever worked for Reaper, but rather the majority of the sculptors and painters you are likely to run into at Reaper's conventions or other shows. If you would like to know more about what it takes to join them, you can see the Artists Wanted page for info on being a Paint Crew Member or being on the Green Team.

Rhonda Bender

Rhonda Bender is known as Wren on the Reaper forums, and just about anywhere else miniature or game related. She started painting figures in 2003 with Reaper's Learn to Paint Kit #1, though she's still working on finishing up the rat. After taking a lot of classes at ReaperCon and Gen Con and putting in a few years of practice, she started to enter and place in painting contests. She has won a total of five Sophie trophies at ReaperCons as well as a few Gen Con awards and other manufacturer prizes.

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John Bonnot

John Bonnot, aka All-Terrain Monkey, has been painting minis since April of 2004 when, after moving to Texas, his friend Anne asked him if he would help her paint a couple of minis for a brand-new convention named ReaperCon. After she taught him everything she knew (strangely leaving him still not knowing anything) he squeezed the heads of any painter around him in a desperate attempt to obtain the knowledge of How Not To Suck. John used to paint directly for Reaper, putting out a lot of painted models for Warlord and Dark Heaven, but currently freelances for Reaper and teaches a weekend or two a month at the Asylum Paint Club.

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Michael Brower

Michael has been working with Reaper for nearly 3 years, but he has been sculpting for several more than that. Michael's wonderful textures are wonderfully imaginative and provide an excellent canvas for miniatures painting. When not sculpting little men for Reaper, he can be found crafting ghoulish special effects for the movie industry.

Nic Daniel

Nic Daniel got his real start in miniatures in 2007 when he found out that Reaper's Asylum was just a few miles away from his home. He dove right in and began leeching expertise from Anne Foerster immediately. After a couple of years of practice, and with as much assimilated knowledge as possible from the talented painters he came in contact with at the Asylum, he joined the Paint Crew in 2009.

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Philip Esterle

Philip began painting 25 or so years ago in the days of Grenadier and Ral Partha miniatures with Testors Paints. After a few years of hideous results, he gave it up completely. In the fall of 2003, he started painting again, and still had hideous results, but with alot of practice, eventually got a little bit better. He has awards for painting from numerous painting contests, including ReaperCon 2005 and 2006 where he won a total of 7 Sophies. Philip has done some freelance work for Reaper Miniatures. When he's not painting, he commands an army of gnome chicks on World of Warcraft, plays some hockey (poorly), skis, and does occasional volunteer work building trails on the Continental Divide.

Anne Foerster

Anne Foerster has been painting since she was nine years old, when she happily dipped some plastic snakes into Testor's red and black enamels. The rest is history! Anne worked for several companies and privately as a freelance miniatures painter before landing at her current happy home at Reaper Miniatures in 2003. She has won a few painting awards, at the national and regional levels, at Gen Con and other venues, both in-person and online. Anne is Reaper's on-site Staff Painter and the designer of the Reaper Master Series paint line. Her teaching credits include classes at Genghis Con in Denver, Origins in Columbus, Gen Con in Indianapolis, and at home down here in Denton, Texas.

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Michael Genet

Michael Genet began painting for Reaper in 2002 when he was snatched up by Reaper Founder Ed Pugh. Since then, Michael has painted a multitude of minis for Reaper's ads, data cards, galleries and display cabinets! While Michael won't tell us exactly how long he's been painting miniatures, we know his first RPG character was painted before several of our painters were even born. Michael's figure painting started with role-playing characters, but he's also got an extensive background in historical figure painting and gaming (unique among our instructors). This has given him a well-rounded education in how painting and color theory changes in application from small to large scale models. He has been an instructor at every ReaperCon since they began in 2004.

Jason Glocka

We currently do not have a bio on record for this artist at this time.

Mengu Gungor

Mengu has been painting since 2001. He has a number of awards for painting contests, including Best in Show at Reapercon '05, number of placings at GenCon '04 and '05, Best in Show for Privateer Press at GenCon '05, a 1st place and best in show at Origins '04 (in amateur category), 2nd place at Origins '05 (in professional category), a 3rd place at Chickchallenge, a 1st place and a 2nd place at Golden Toadstools. Aside from running local miniature painting workshops in Columbus OH, he has been volunteering and teaching at GenCon Indy since 2003. Mengu has also done some work for Reaper Miniatures and for Privateer Press.

Julie Guthrie

If you've never heard of Julie Guthrie, then you must live under a rock. Julie is a legend in the miniatures industry and a member of the Origins Hall of Fame. Her incredible body of work is an invaluable reference for aspiring sculptors and artists.

Jennifer Haley

Jennifer says, "I've been painting miniatures for well over a decade. When I first slapped some Goblin Green on Warhammer plastic orcs, I never imagined I'd be able to turn out anything like the minis in the army book, but I enjoyed the painting and kept at it. Soon the Web introduced me to other painters, styles I'd never seen, techniques I'd never heard of, a thousand things I wanted to try. Figmentia took over. Eventually I would win two Slayer Swords, twice be named Privateer Grand Master, and see my work in ads and publications across the industry. I now spend most of my time painting for companies, collectors, and the occasional competition. It's frustrating and mentally exhausting work at times, but it's rewarding, too. It makes me happy every time someone says, 'I hadn't picked up a brush in years, but I saw some pieces you did, and it made me want to paint again.'"

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Gene Van Horne

Gene has been working with Reaper since about 2003, and since then he has proven to be one of the top sculptors in the industry. Gene's character miniatures are some of the most popular in Reaper's range with exceptional faces, dynamic clothwork, and amazingly realistic hair.

Angela Imrie

Angela started into the world of metal minis with a military figure painting pamphlet, Grenadier model, and a hefty dose of enthusiasm at the age of nine. Nearly three decades later Angela is still at it, still learning, improving and now occasionally teaching. She started competing in 2004 at various venues, has a few of the lovely Sophie trophies, over a dozen Demons, some GenCon placings, and others over the years. Angela usually ends up using her painted monsters and characters in games, so she was truly tickled pink to be included in Reaper's roster of showcase painters.

Bobby Jackson

Always a fan favorite, Bobby has been sculpting for Reaper since the late 90's. Today, Bobby's figures are synonymous with quality and excellence. Bobby's work is notable for its incredibly clean finish, crisp details, and amazing clothwork.

Laszlo Jakusovszky

Laszlo Jakusovszky started painting in the early 1980s. Those pathetic early efforts led to bigger and better things. By the mid-90's he was a regular winner at local cons in California and very active in the fledgling online painting community. At Origins 95 he saw Reaper Miniatures for the first time and got hooked. Laszlo's since gone on to win numerous awards, including Golden Demons, GenCon wins and more recently Reaper Best of Show at Reapercon '09. He is known for his fire and lighting effects (his Lava Dragon is a fan favorite) and admits to a soft spot for a well-sculpted female mini. Laszlo also poured his knowledge into Hot Lead: how to paint a better miniature, a well-received DVD set for painters of all levels. Laszlo's work can be found at Hot Lead.org.

Martin Jones

Martin began painting miniatures back in 1992 and hasn't stopped since (except for a break to serve in the US Marines). Since then, Martin has won a few painting awards, but since discovering Reaper and Paint Club has won dozens more including 2 sophies in 2011 and best in show at the 2012 Lone Star Figure Show. Martin was absorbed into the Reaper Collective in January of 2012 to become the in-house staff painter.

Jen Kaufman

Jen Kaufman, also known as Midnight Lurker, first picked up a paint brush in the fall of 2002 while trying to create a party of colorful characters for a D&D game. She started painting dozens of NPC minis and soon her friends were asking for her to paint their figures too. With the help of the friendly people on the Reaper message boards and the encouragement of her family she has grown her skills and was eventually asked to paint for Reaper as a freelance artist.

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Patrick Keith

Patrick is an award winning sculptor and painter who has provided several models for the Dark Heaven Legends, Warlord and Chronoscope lines. He likes sculpting females, robots and Steampunk characters while listening to movie scores and Goth metal. He is available for private commissions and is particularly susceptible to Hooters wings, Spiced Rum and Aristocrat pipe tobacco but prefers cash. Patrick has recently developed a line of resin gaming accessories and participates at irregular intervals with the Asylum Paint Club at Reaper Miniatures. You can get all of the latest info on Patrick at his website Patrick Keith.com

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Kyle Killingsworth

We currently do not have a bio on record for this artist at this time.

Werner Klocke

International fan-favorite Werner Klocke first began sculpting figures for Reaper in the late 90's. Since that time, Werner has sculpted scores of incredible figures, and his female figures have become the standard for the fantasy miniatures industry. Werner also has his own line of miniatures called Freebooter Miniatures.

Noel Meyer

Noel Meyer, also known as Skya, has been painting miniatures since 1998 when she started painting demo figures for Clan Wars to feed her collectible card game habit. Since then she's graduated to treating minis as an art form and become thoroughly obsessed with miniatures of all shapes and sizes ranging from flats to 12 inch resin kits, although mostly focused on heroic scale and 54mm figures. Currently she runs the Miniature Hobby Events at Gen Con and is an active member of both the IMMPS and the MMSI with many awards to her name.

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Michael Proctor

Michael says, "Hello, my name is Michael Proctor and I have been painting for competitions for about 4 years. I still consider myself a newbie compared to the awesome talent that appears on this Gallery; however, I am trying to catch up. I started painting a minis for Reaper a couple of years ago and while my most recent piece in the Gallery is probably my favorite at that moment, Marise Greyshroud (DHL 03308) will always hold a special place as it was not only the first piece I did for Reaper and it was also my very first commission piece."

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Marike Reimer

Marike Reimer has been painting miniatures since 2002 and professionally since 2003. She is currently the staff painter for Crocodile Games but also paints for Reaper Miniatures, Freebooter Miniatures, and Darksword Miniatures. Her awards include Best in Show at: Origins 2004 and 2005, GenCon 2005 and 2006, Salute 2006, Kublacon 2006, as well as winning Masters at ReaperCon 2005 (and a few of those golden-statue thingies). She is currently pursuing a bachelors degree in the lovely town of Seattle, WA.

Bob Ridolfi

Bob has sculpted for Reaper since 1995, where he made a name for himself as the master of undead and beautiful female miniatures. Bob's sculptures are clean and crisp, featuring an unparalleled sense of proportion and attitude, and they just keep getting better and better.

Alison Bailey

Alison Jubilee Bailey was first introduced to miniature painting by a friend in 1996. This friend had an ill-considered painting area set up in front of his computer, so when Alison was learning the mysteries of "GW Flesh Wash" over "Dwarf Flesh," the resultant spillage that ruined the keyboard was practically inevitable. Alison did not have another opportunity to paint until mid 2003, not long after she started playing D&D and then Warhammer. This time, the first miniature she tried to paint was one of the Reaper dancing girls and not far into the process, she proposed the following question: "Why are there these lines all around the model? They're getting in the way." So began Alison's journey to discover better ways to paint. She has been painting professionally off and on since 2005. Alison goes by Jubilee on most forums, but may show up as ali.jubilee in a pinch. Her website can be found at Jubilant Creations

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Derek Schubert

Derek had already been painting for ten years when he introduced himself to Ed Pugh at Gen Con '97 and was assigned "The Druid's Stone" as his freelance audition. A few years ago, he metamorphosed into a "scainter" (sculptor/painter) and added design and sculpting to his list of services for Reaper. He has won awards for painting, including speed-painting, at ReaperCon, Gen Con (Milwaukee and Indy), KublaCon, GenghisCon, and various SF-Bay-Area conventions. His painted figures are often subtle but notable for their expressive faces, freehand, and simulations of light and material.

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Jeremie Bonamant Teboul

Jeremie is a globetrotting painter from France who was young when he fell into the bottomless cauldron of obsessional and maniacal miniature painting. Hyperactive and persevering, Jeremie just can't help his painting frenzy. While already busy with sports and social activities, Jeremie managed to transform his passion into a full time job, becoming one of the creators of a new miniatures company called Artefactory.

Sue Wachowski

We currently do not have a bio on record for this artist at this time.

Jason Wiebe

Jason first began sculpting for Reaper in 1999 and quickly carved a niche for himself as a premier monster and animal sculptor. Since that time, Jason has moved into the player character side of miniatures, where his dwarves are perennial favorites amongst painters and gamers.