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Reaper Bones Black
Posted on 12-31-18

We're launching Reaper Bones Black by giving away nearly 150,000 free Reaper Bones Black miniatures throughout 2019. This will give all of our customers an opportunity to try Reaper Bones Black themselves.  We're going to start 2019 off with a bang with this FREE Reaper Bones Black Owlbear!

Starting January 1, 2019, you'll receive a free Reaper Bones Black Owlbear miniature for each qualifying order of $40 (in your purchasing currency - USD, GBP, Euro, AUD) or more placed right here on www.reapermini.com! And what's more, for each $40 you spend, you'll receive an additional Reaper Bones Black Owlbear miniature - $80 for two, $120 for 3, etc. (up to a max of 12 free figures). There's no need to place multiple orders on the same day! The FREE Reaper Bones Black Owlbear is automatically added to your cart when you hit $40...you don't have to to anything else. Or, if you prefer, you can just purchase him directly here.

This is a month-by-month exclusive promotion. The Owlbear will only be available for purchase in January. You'll have to wait to see what February has in store. 

(Sculpted by Bobby Jackson; studio model painted by Michael Proctor)

For answers to (hopefully) most of your questions, take a look at the lovely FAQ we whipped together for you. Click here to check it out.

And if you would like a lovely PDF of our press release, you can download it by clicking here.

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Christmas Sampler is Gone
Posted on 12-26-18

The 2018 Reaper Christmas Sampler is all gone! Thanks to everyone who participated in our Reaper Christmas Sampler this year! Naughty or Nice, it doesn't matter to us. We love all of our wonderful customers!

And remember: less than one week to go to buy the 12 Days minis by themselves. This may be your last chance for while to get these special edition miniatures!

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Resin Johan Rumbleguts Now On Sale
Posted on 12-19-18

VERY limited quantities. This is the same model as the metal version, just cast in high-quality resin by our friends at Trenchworx.


Get him here!

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Johan Rumbleguts Almost Gone!
Posted on 12-14-18

We'd like to issue a huge "THANK YOU" to all of you who purchased a "Johan Rumbleguts" Special Edition miniature! It's great to see our community come together for a good cause.

For our European customers: we have shipped a limited quantity of these metal castings to our distribution center in the UK. The shipment is in transit now, and we fully expect it to arrive very soon. We will make an announcement when the miniatures go live next week.

Next week we also plan to sell our ultra-limited resin castings produced by Trenchworx. There are only a few dozen of these, and like the metal version, we will not be producing more once they're sold out. Look for an announcement on social media and on Reapermini.com next week.


Finally, please be aware that we want to make this special model available to everyone who wishes to participate. We have over 200 castings of this model sitting in unchecked-out carts and next to none are available online.  


As such, we will be forcing a cart clearing routine tonight, December 14 at 7:00 pm CST.

If you have put this item in your cart and have NOT checked out, it will be cleared at 7:00 pm CST for others to be able to purchase it.

We apologize for any inconvenience, and again, we want to thank all of you for your support!

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Johan Rumbleguts...a Miniature for Jason Wiebe
Posted on 12-13-18

Johan Rumbleguts! This Special Edition miniature was crafted to help out our dear friend Jason Wiebe, who has recently undergone several major surgeries. 100% of all the monies collected from this miniature will go directly to Jason to help him with his medical bills.

There will only be 1000 metal castings of this miniature ever sold. All the production molds will be sent to Jason Wiebe after all 1000 castings have been produced. Next week we will put up a very limited amount of resin castings as well. Please join us in helping out our friend Jason Wiebe!

We'd like to thank Bobby Jackson for the sculpting, David Baker, Paul Figgins and the fine folks at Trenchworx for printing the model and for the resin casting, and Ben and Jeff Rodman of Fortress Figures for making the metal masters for our production molds.

Johan Rumbleguts!

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Naughty? Nice? Who cares? Free minis for everybody!
Posted on 12-05-18

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And we're celebrating the Holidays with free miniatures!

Free Miniatures? 

Absolutely! During our 12 Days of Reaper promotion, running December 5th through the 16th, you'll receive the FREE Miniature of the Day for each qualifying order of $40 (in your local currency - USD, GBP, Euro, AUD) or more placed right here on www.reapermini.com! And what's more, for each $40 you spend, you'll receive an additional copy of that Miniature of the Day - $80 for two, $120 for 3, etc. there's no need to place multiple orders on the same day! The FREE Miniature of the Day is automatically added to your cart...you don't have to to anything else.

And just to be clear, we define the date that any Free Miniature of the Day is available as 12:00AM CST to 11:59PM CST. So if you live in a different part of the world please make sure you place your order based on the Central Standard Time dating.

Each miniature of the day is a metal, unpainted miniature. Some assembly may be required.

Which miniatures are available each day?

Check it out!

But what if I want extras, or what if I just want to buy the 12 Days Minis outright?

You're in luck! If you would rather just purchase the 12 Days minis outright, then we've got you covered. Starting December 17, we'll be offering the 12 Days minis right here on our website! Watch for an announcement with pricing coming soon!

Thanks to Bob Ridolfi, Julie Guthrie, Bobby Jackson, Rhonda Bender, Katie Sommer, Anne Foerster, and Shannon Stiltz for their great work on these minis!

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