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Naughty? Nice? Who cares? Free minis for everybody!
Posted on 12-05-18

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And we're celebrating the Holidays with free miniatures!

Free Miniatures? 

Absolutely! During our 12 Days of Reaper promotion, running December 5th through the 16th, you'll receive the FREE Miniature of the Day for each qualifying order of $40 (in your local currency - USD, GBP, Euro, AUD) or more placed right here on www.reapermini.com! And what's more, for each $40 you spend, you'll receive an additional copy of that Miniature of the Day - $80 for two, $120 for 3, etc. there's no need to place multiple orders on the same day! The FREE Miniature of the Day is automatically added to your cart...you don't have to to anything else.

And just to be clear, we define the date that any Free Miniature of the Day is available as 12:00AM CST to 11:59PM CST. So if you live in a different part of the world please make sure you place your order based on the Central Standard Time dating.

Each miniature of the day is a metal, unpainted miniature. Some assembly may be required.

Which miniatures are available each day?

Check it out!

But what if I want extras, or what if I just want to buy the 12 Days Minis outright?

You're in luck! If you would rather just purchase the 12 Days minis outright, then we've got you covered. Starting December 17, we'll be offering the 12 Days minis right here on our website! Watch for an announcement with pricing coming soon!

Thanks to Bob Ridolfi, Julie Guthrie, Bobby Jackson, Rhonda Bender, Katie Sommer, Anne Foerster, and Shannon Stiltz for their great work on these minis!

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The Holiday Season Starts With a Bang!
Posted on 12-01-18

Now that Black Friday is over (BTW, HD Paint Sale has been extended!), we're ready to launch our annual Holiday Miniatures as well as the 12 Days of Reaper!

Starting Saturday, December 1st, our Holiday Miniatures and Paint Set are back!

Not only that, but the December Dungeon Dweller miniature will be available: Caerindra Thistlemoor! She's FREE with your $40 purchase.

But wait, there's more! If you spend $65 or more, you'll get the Reaper Christmas Sampler, filled with candy, some Bones Miniatures, a cool Christmas postcard by Izzy "Talin" Collier, and depending if you've been naughty or nice, a little something extra. 

And beginning on December 5th, the 12 Days of Reaper Begins! Get ready for the madness!

Happy Holidays!

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Catch up on Reaper Live Episodes Now!
Posted on 11-30-18

More Reaper Live episodes for you to watch! Episode 6 features Bobby Jackson, and Episode 8 is with Michael Proctor. What is "Reaper Bones: Black"? You'll have to watch Episode 7 to find out!

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New Releases to be Thankful For!
Posted on 11-20-18
We have a ton of great new Dark Heaven Legends metal and Bones models in the Reaper Online Store!

And some new Dungeon Dweller orcs!

We'd like to let you all know that we're so very thankful for you, our customers! Happy Thanksgiving!

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Reaper Live Episodes 2-5!
Posted on 11-14-18

To catch up with all of the Reaper Live episodes, we've conveniently added them here to our front page!


The next episode airs Thursday, November 15th with special guest Bobby Jackson!




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Ghoulie Bags...Going Fast!
Posted on 10-26-18

Just a heads up: our Ghoulie Bags with the exclusive translucent grey Death Shroud mini by Julie Guthrie have been flying off of our shelves all October. And now, we're almost out! So, if you want one this may be your last chance! Supplies won't last through Halloween, and it's first come, first serve. Get yours now!

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