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New releases for Monday 4/14/14
Posted on 04-14-14
Just over a week away from ReaperCon 2014 and we've got some new metal releases for you this week!

Dark Heaven
03664: Fire Dragon Hatchling by Kevin Williams ($9.99) [+1]

14672: Battle Nun, Crusader Adept by Bobby Jackson ($5.99) [+1]

50304: Rowena Von Graaf by Julie Guthrie ($5.99) [+1]
50305: Benedict Baker by Julie Guthrie ($6.29) [+1]

Officially Licensed Pathfinder Miniatures
60160: Mendevian Crusader ($8.99) [+1]
60161: Ilnerik Sivanshin by Derek Schubert ($5.99) [+1]
New Releases for Monday, March 24!
Posted on 03-24-14
We've got 6 new Savage Worlds Miniatures this week for you!
Savage Worlds
59036: Deadlands Noir: Stone by Bob Ridolfi ($5.99) [+1]
59037: Deadlands Noir: Femme Fatale by Bob Ridolfi ($5.99) [+1]
59038: Deadlands Noir: Houngan by Bob Ridolfi ($5.99) [+1]
59039: Deadlands Noir: Occult Detective by Bob Ridolfi ($5.99) [+1]
59040: Deadlands Noir: Grifter by Bob Ridolfi ($5.99) [+1]
59041: Deadlands Noir: Patent Scientist by Bob Ridolfi ($5.99) [+1]

Don't Miss out on the VIP Treatment!

Time is running out to get the last few tickets to our ReaperCon Banquets.

As our guest at these banquets, you'll receive a 5-star meal, dine with our artists, special guests and VIPs, and these special offers! 6 bottles of limited edition paints, an exclusive unique miniature, and a $20 Gift Certificate!

But you have to order now - This event won't be on sale on the show, seating is available only for those who pre-register, and tickets are no longer available after April 4th!
ReaperCon Pre-registration Begins Monday, February 17!
Posted on 02-13-14
We're excited to be able to announce that Monday, February 17, at 12PM (NOON) Central Standard Time , We will launch the new website for ReaperCon - www.ReaperCon.com!

When we launch the new website, you will be able to pre-register for your badge, for classes, for game events, and even sign up for some of the on-site meal choices! We'll track how may ReaperBucks each of your selections earns, and have them ready for you when you arrive - along with your SWAG Bag and badge!

Until then, bookmark the page and be ready for the launch!

And if you want a 2014 SWAG Bag or a ReaperCon 2014 Sophie but aren't planning to attend ReaperCon? We've got you covered! There's no need to register at ReaperCon.com - we will be adding Sophie and the SWAG Bag to the ReaperMini.com online store for purchase From April 24-27th!
ReaperCon Hotel is Filling Up Fast!
Posted on 02-06-14
ReaperCon Hotel is Filling Up Fast!

Please join us this year April 24-27 for ReaperCon! This year's show will be at the beautiful Hilton Garden Inn in Lewisville, Texas.

But, if you want to take advantage of the special $80 per night room rate, you need to act quickly! The Hilton is filling up fast and our block is already over halfway filled.

If you'd like to make a reservation online; just click the link below to be taken directly to our group page:

Or if you prefer, you can call the hotel directly at 972-459-4600 and use our group name "Reaper Miniatures Vendors" or the code "REAP1".

Make sure you check out our ReaperCon Facebook page to stay up to date on all the latest news, and be looking for announcements regarding tickets and admissions very soon!

Thanks, and we'll see you in April!
We'll Be At Helio Con for a Paint and Take
Posted on 01-11-14

What are you doing January 26th? If you find yourself near Lewisville, TX, you should stop by Helio Con! For one day only, Helio Con is a Speculative Fiction (Sci Fi, fantasy, horror, graphic novels and comics) convention which will be held at the MCL Grand Theater in Lewisville.

We'll be there hosting a Paint and Take event. Fun for the whole family!

If you're into the whole social web thing, they have a Facebook page you can check out here: www.facebook.com/HelioCon

And they have a normal sort of web page, too, laying the whole thing out. You can find it here: www.helio-con.com
12 Days of Reaper!
Posted on 12-06-13
The elves have been busy. Welcome to the 12 Days of Reaper!

The promotion runs from 12-6 through 12-17. During this time, anyone who places a consumer order for $35 or more through the website will receive the free miniature of the day. Behold:

Dec 6: 01526 Madame Gorgonzola, 2013 Convention Mousling by Gene Van Horne
Dec 7: 01523 Reaper Con 2013 Ringmaster Sophie by Derek Schubert
Dec 8: 03543 Santa Mousling by Gene Van Horne
Dec 9: 01504 Reaper Con 2007 Sci-Fi Sophie by Werner Klocke
Dec 10: 01402 Magnus, Wizard of Hope by Werner Klocke
Dec 11: 01503 Reaper Con 2006 Bourbon Street Sophie by Bob Ridolfi
Dec 12: 03296 Snow Goons by Jason Wiebe
Dec 13: 01513 Reaper Con 2010 Biker Sophie by Gene Van Horne
Dec 14: 01512 Chainsaw Mousling and Zombies by Gene Van Horne
Dec 15: 01502 Reaper Con 2005 Cowgirl Sophie by Bob Ridolfi
Dec 16: 01405 Christmas 2001 Sophie by Werner Klocke
Dec 17: 01501 Reaper Con 2004 Sophie by Gael Goumon

If you don't know what each of these guys look like, just glance up at the website header for that day.

In addition, orders over $65 will receive a Mr. Bones Holiday Stocking while supplies last. I don't have a picture handy, but these suckers have a random assortment of 10+ Bones miniatures stuffed inside them. Impressive.

We're also re-releasing Jason Wiebe's Santa Dwarf miniature. This Special Edition miniature will only be available during our 12 Days of Reaper promotion. On December 17, Santa Dwarf will fly back to his Toy Shoppe/Brewery and will not return again until next year. 01525 Santa Dwarf is $10.

Happy Holidays!