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Bonesylvanians Week 1 has Begun!
Posted on 10-05-15
Bonesylvanians 1546,1547,1548 now available!

Bonesylvanians Promotional White Metal Miniatures
01546: Tut, Bonesylvanian by Bob Ridolfi ($7.99) [+1]
01547: Cal, Bonesylvanian by Bob Ridolfi ($7.99) [+1]
01548: Bonesylvania Familiar Pack #1 by Julie Guthrie ($7.99) [+1]
The Ghoulie Bag is Back!
Posted on 10-01-15
That's right, the Ghoulie Bag is back from the dead! Starting Sunday, October the 4th, all internet orders of over $40 (USD) will get a free Ghoulie Bag! See the graphic for more details.

In addition, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, every order shipped in October will receive a bottle of our annual Breast Cancer Awareness Pink MSP Paint. Candy, paints, miniatures - what else could you ask for?

Happy Halloween!
Reaper Bones 3 Pledge Manager is Now LIVE!!!
Posted on 08-20-15
Pledge Manager

Existing Backers - You MUST go to the Bones 3 Pledge Manager and select your rewards. Even if you made your selections during the Kickstarter campaign, it doesn't mean those are locked in. So, go now and lock your pledge in.

New Backers - Or, if you're one of the unfortunate souls who missed out on the Bones 3 extravaganza, don't fret because now you can get in on the action! Go to the Bones 3 Pledge Manager page and simply create an account. Now you can breathe a deep sigh of relief and be one of the Bones 3 cool kids!

All Backers - And, while you're locking in your pledge, you can still continue to add items even after you've confirmed your selections! That's right - you can add rewards as often as you need to! How cool is that???

Not only can you load up on Ma'aldrakar and more Frost Giants, but you can grab our Power Ups!!! Bones 3 Power Ups were so super-secret that we held them back just for the Bones 3 Pledge Manager. New giants, Bonesylvanians, weapons...go take a look at all the great new Power Ups you can choose to add to your pledge!