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New Releases March 16th!
Posted on 03-16-15
Dark Heaven Bones Polymer Fantasy Miniatures
77380: Khanjira the World Breaker by Jason Wiebe ($49.99) [+1]
77381: Dragons Don\'t Share - 2014 Edition by Various ($74.99) [+1]
Last week to get Boris and Elsa
Posted on 03-02-15
Hey there, friends! If you were on the fence about getting our Valentine's 2015 figures, Boris and Elsa, you might want to climb on down. This is the last week to pick up the duo before they're no longer available from us.

Click here to see the figures.
February Newsletter
Posted on 02-02-15
Happy New Year, Everyone! Last year was an incredible year for us, with a successful CAV Kickstarter, several great shows and a ton of new releases! Our Second Bones Kickstarter is close to fulfillment (more on that below!), and Bones has become one of the most popular brands of miniatures worldwide! So what do we have in store for this month?

ReaperCon 2015 News

Did you know we have a website for ReaperCon? We do. You should check it out.
ReaperCon 2015 Admission Tickets are going to be going on sale Wednesday, February 4th, and there's new choices! This year, we're simplifying the experience for everyone, by bundling the meal plans with the tickets and offering choices!
Bronze Pass. This pass is $40, Includes admission for one , and a SWAG Bag (This is pretty much exactly the same as an admission ticket for previous years.)
Silver Pass. The $85 Silver Pass includes a 4-Day Pass, admission to the Wednesday Night Meet & Greet, and your Choice of Box Lunches for all four days of ReaperCon. This Pass also includes a new "Silver Level" miniature, exclusively available in Resin at ReaperCon 2015!
Gold Pass. The Gold Pass is $150, and includes everything in the Silver Pass, plus admission to the Friday Night and the Saturday Night Banquets, including the goodie bags! Gold Passes are limited. This Pass also includes the new "Silver Level" miniature and a new "Gold Level" miniature, exclusively available in Resin at ReaperCon 2015!

ReaperCon Classes

ReaperCon 2015 Classes will be going on sale in February. Last year's online ticket sales sold out very quickly, and the lines for registration to buy remaining tickets in person was slow and long. We've listened to your feedback, and decided to reduce the problem by making more seats available, posting more of them directly online, and by limiting the number of class seats each attendee can have.
More classrooms, more seats, and more instructors. We're increasing our total number of class spots available for attendees by over 60% from last year!
All tickets will be posted to the online store when classes become available.
Limit 8 class tickets per person. This will reduce burnout, the incidence of people buying tickets and then not showing up (which cheats another attendee out of a chance to take the class) and make more seats available for your friends. Last year 80% of our seats were bought by 20% of our guests, and we'd like to see everyone have a chance to attend the classes that interests them.
With over 50% more seats to choose from, and more new classes and instructors than ever before, we hope that this will make it easier for each of you to find something you are excited about learning!

ReaperCon Meals

We're having our traditional Texas Barbecue on Wednesday Night at the Meet & Greet at Reaper HQ. Tickets for this event will be $5, and are included with Deluxe or VIP Passes.
We have an expanded menu for Box Lunches, including some lighter fare and vegetarian options. Your Choice of Box Lunch is included with the Deluxe and VIP Passes.
We will be having concessions, such as pizza or snacks, available on site for your convenience.
We will be offering a less formal hamburger dinner at Reaper HQ on Thursday night.
We will also be hosting the Hall of Fame Banquet on Friday and the Artist's Banquet on Saturday. Seating for those events is limited, so pick them up early!
New Releases January 26th!
Posted on 01-26-15
Dark Heaven Legends Miniatures
03700: Tyrea Bronzelocks by Kev White ($5.99) [+1]
03701: Cuth Wolfson by Kev White ($6.99) [+1]
03702: Peryton by Julie Guthrie ($12.99) [+1]
03710: Ogre Smasher by Bobby Jackson ($19.99) [+1]

Chronoscope Modern Miniatures
50290: IMEF Bulldog I by Bobby Jackson ($19.49) [+1]

Officially Licensed Pathfinder Miniatures
60188: Koriah Azmeren by Derek Schubert ($5.99) [+1]
12 Days of Reaper Begins!
Posted on 12-05-14
The Reaper Elves have been busy. Welcome to the 12 Days of Reaper!

The promotion runs from 12-5 through 12-16. During this time, anyone who places an order for $35 or more through Reapermini.com will receive the Miniature of the Day for FREE!!! Behold:

Dec 5: 1402 Magnus, Wizard of Hope by Werner Klocke
Dec 6: 1509 2009 ReaperCon Artist Sophie by Julie Guthrie
Dec 7: 1520 Cap'n Willie Sharp - 2012 Convention Miniature by Gene Van Horne
Dec 8: 1503 Reaper Con 2006 Bourbon Street Sophie by Bob Ridolfi
Dec 9: 1514 ReaperCon 2011 Adventure Sophie
Dec 10: 1553 Christmas Familiars by Julie Guthrie
Dec 11: 1504 ReaperCon 2007 Sci Fi Sophie by Werner Klocke
Dec 12: 1501 ReaperCon 2004 Reclining Sophie by Gael Goumon
Dec 13: 1505 ReaperCon 2008 Bomber Sophie by Bob Ridolfi
Dec 14: 1524 ReaperCon 2014 Cowgirl Sophie by Bobby Jackson
Dec 15: 1531 Kyrie, Special Edition Convention Miniature by Julie Guthrie
Dec 16: 1554 Holly, Christmas Elf by Bob Ridolfi

If you don't know what each of these guys looks like, just glance up at the header at the top of Reapermini.com for that day.

And don't forget to take a look at the new 2014 Holiday Miniatures, including Christmas Eve, Christmas Knight, the Nativity Donkey and Wise Man, the new Santa Dwarf, and the return of the 2012 Santa Dwarf. These are only available through the end of the year, so get 'em fast!

Happy Holidays!